A Brief Insight into the History of Acura CL

Modified and produced by automobile company Honda that is also the parent company of this motor car Acura CL. Being medium in size, this 2 door car has got the maximum service that a customer can get. Its first model was launched in the year 1997 and service continued till the year 1999. Then service was discontinued and again in the year 2001 it got enabled till 2003. In the first place, one may think that this CL took the place of the other Acura model legend coupe. Even if this motor car got its popularity in most of the places of the world still also it was only manufactured at Honda’s plant near Marysville, Ohio. The Acura CL happens to be the first Acura model that was ever produced in United States.


However, during 1995, when another model named Sedan got its name changed to Acura RL, this Acura legend coupe got lost. But to its good luck this coupe’s place was taken by Acura CL. This followed Acura’s transition to numeric values of all its vehicles. According to the first generation model cars, the Acura CL was equipped with 2.2L F22B1 I4 engine and 3.0 L J30 V6, which comes with 200 hp (150 kW)/145 hp (108 kW). But the next year model cars were a little more advanced, as they included 2.3L (F23A1) with 150 hp (112kW). Even then, this model could not succeed in making the driver side window a well equipped one. Company workers tried their best, even by changing all warranties but still no benefits were reflected.

Again in the year 2000, another one model was launched that was initially named as Acura TL that was formally redesigned from Acura CL. Actually there is not much difference in CL and TL, both composed up of a 5-speed automatic transmission that were installed in the second generation vehicles where as first generation motors included 4 speed automatic. This was due to the difficulties faced by some owners while changing the gears from 5th to 2nd. Sometimes, customers also could not change their gears and it flared and slipped also. Its one main cause was due to much wearing of 3rd gear clutch pack that resulted in being a hindrance of flowing fluid. So owners complained about this.

Due to these problems caused by motors, the company announced an extended warranty on all automatic transmission on selected CL and TL for 7 years.

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