All You Need to Know about Connaught: The Major British Carmaker

Connaught is a British car manufacturing company, famous for designing and developing the sports and Formula One racing cars. The name of the automaker brand was Connaught Engineering, for plenty of years until 2004, and its founders are Rodney Clarke and Mike Oliver. The Headquarters of the company are located at Send in Surrey, United Kingdom.


Initially, the Connaught cars hit the racing tracks in the 1952 British Grand Prix and its final race in the Formula One was in 1959 in the racing event of !959 United States Grand Prix. However, the super cars from the Connaught Company had not won even a single racing in Formula one Championship. The demerits of being the loser continuously made everyone consider that the speeding capacity of the car was poor. For instance, in 1962, in an Indianpolis 500 racing event the driver Jack Fairman could not make into the qualifying round and the blame came on the design and capabilities of the car as usual.

The Connaught cars had participated about 52 races with their different varieties of Grand Prix cars such as A, B and C type. Except this, the cars had also record number of participation in 18 Grand Pix races. Not only is the Connaught famous for the race cars, but also for the road cars too. These are designed in the company subsidiary Lea Francis Sports chassis and named as L2 and L3 type cars. In the year 2004, the company offered two super cars Type D – H hybrid and Type D Syracuse. The company opened up another sister-concern brand in the same year, known as the Connaught Motor Company due to the production of these super cars.

Since the emergence of the Connaught Motor Company, they have started the production of super cars, with improvised capabilities, and Connaught’s R&D and production facilities were set up in Llanelli, Wales, which is quite nearby to the famous Pembrey Race Circuit. Basically the concept was the outcome of the hard work of Andy Plumb originally, but later it was taken-over by Jeff Matthews. Currently they are focusing upon the development of few more unique concept-cars, which are expect to surface out in the market pretty soon.

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