Amazon’s Fire TV Stick: What It Is and How Does It Work?

Amazon launched Fire TV Stick back in 2014 and what it promised to accomplish seemed next to impossible. With a device that was as small as a thumb, it was offering the whole world. Get to know how does amazon fire stick work?  It was more powerful than Roku box and had much better app selection than the advanced Apple TV and that too at half the price.

What Is Amazon Fire TV Stick and how does amazon fire stick work?
It is a small device, which is actually a streaming media player that you can connect to HDMI port on your TV. It streams the content from the internet on your TV, which means you have access to apps, games and channels that are available anywhere on the internet.

How Does This Stick Work?
Once plugged into the HDMI port, grab the attractive remote that comes with it and relax on the couch. The remote is a small and smooth device to hold and as it is connected via Bluetooth there is no need to aim it towards the stick to operate. With its simple interface, you can browse content easily through the on-screen interface and select the one that you intend to view. Amazon Fire Stick is the perfect device for the now popular wall-mounted TVs as it goes directly to the HDMI port of the TV.

how does amazon fire stick work

This device organises multiple content providers that offer programs in different menus, which can be navigated easily using the remote. This stick, similar to Fire TV, takes the approach of presenting the content in a way that is very Amazon-heavy. All the content that is available on Amazon, be it music, movies or shows, are in forefront, whereas the non-Amazon apps take a back seat. While the Amazon content is integrated directly into the interface, for the non-Amazon content one has to go to the individual sections.

Flip through the titles and icons to get access to any popular service like Netflix, Hulu plus, Amazon etc. If you search by the title, you will get a list of providers that offer that and then you can select the one you prefer.

The stick runs a highly modified version of Android something similar to Chromecast. You have the flexibility of playing games by pairing a Bluetooth controller with this stick. All in all, it is a magnificent piece of technology.

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